OIL POWER began to develop in order to improve the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace burning appliance.
We thought that it might be available to the internal combustion engine; we have continued to improve instead of the property modification of the combustion air from the fuel.
Eco-friendly Enhancement for car "OIL POWER" is now complete.

The principle of OIL POWER

Moisture contained in the combustion air which is sucked from the air intake becomes air containing small clusters of water molecules by the effect of "oil power" and is converted to negative ion that is easy to release the oxygen called hydroxyl negative ions electrically charged.
Hydroxyl negative ion (H₃O₂-) releases active oxygen by chemical reaction with the hydrocarbon compound is a reducingagent at room temperature, and the active oxygen oxidize (be burned) hydrocarbons of petroleum products.
It becomes carbon dioxide and water after oxidation.We have made it possible to improve the combustion efficiency by activeoxygen.